Relax and Just Be Complementary therapies

Reconnect through Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, Crystals and Reiki

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 From January 2019 offering one to one therapies and small group Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation sessions in Kendal.


Relaxation and Mindfulness coaching

Reiki treatments and attunements,

Chakra and  Energy Balancing with Crystals,

Aromatherapy and massage, HEARTS Relaxation

 From £40 per 1 hour session*

(payment required in advance)

*Save ÂŁ20 on booking 5 sessions –  ÂŁ180

please contact for further details


REIKI is a relaxing energy therapy, and treatment can be hands on or near the body.

Therapist hand positions will channel REIKI to work with your body’s own natural energy, relaxing and balancing wherever it is needed. Reported to help with pain, sleep, reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Relax fully clothed on a comfortable couch covered by cosy blankets,  and just be.


Mindfulness is about in the moment, being present in our life, being aware, and knowing what is happening whilst it’s happening.

Often we can be totally distracted by our past, be locked into future planning or our own harsh self judgement.

Reconnecting and increasing our awareness through mindfulness meditation practices help us to develop our awareness, help us to let go of over overthinking and busyness and just be.

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Crystals have been used for centuries in healing therapies and recognised for their balancing properties.

Crystals can be used in conjunction with Reiki and also when working with meditation and colours and when balancing the main energy centres of the body – the Chakras.

When the energy is flowing well through these centres- the  Chakras we feel well, when they become blocked or stagnant we can feel blocked and stagnant.

Using Crystals as a way of re connecting and re grounding our energy by placing them on or around the energy centres of the body, or in areas of pain and discomfort, and using them as part of a meditation or relaxation to Relax and just be.

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Using essential oils to uplift, balance and relax the body and mind, either through the skin by gentle massage or by inhalation to soothe tension, and let go of unwanted stress.

Gentle aromatherapy massage can help release tight and knotted muscles, and help with our general mood and well-being.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used as part of “HEARTS”* relaxation therapy –

“Hands on, Empathic, Aroma Relaxation, with Textures and Sound.” to Relax and Just be

*Working mainly with sense awareness for relaxation and balance – originally this therapy was created to relax and help support cancer patients, but is suitable for everyone. Why not give it a try ?

Qualifications 2