About Helen - Relax and Just be

Helen-2019Helen Towers founded Relax and Just Be in 2014  with a view to sharing Complementary therapies, Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness throughout South Lakes and North Lancashire area.

From 2019, focussing more on therapies Relax and Just be will be practicing at the Professional Therapy Training centre in Kendal.

Relax and Just be has over the years worked with many different organisations, charities, and social enterprises, including The Meditation centre at Dent, Dignity in Dementia, Unity (supporting people with addiction recovery), Barrow Time bank, St John’s Hospice, Age UK, South Lakes interfaith forum, and various support groups around the area.

Helen has been practicing in Complementary therapies, Mindfulness and meditation traditions for many years, herself being a regular  practitioner both in a secular mindfulness and Buddhist meditation approach with the Mindfulness Association and the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage.

Helen has previously been a Mindfulness and Relaxation Tutor for Cumbria Adult Education, and with Dallam Community Adult learning, having completed City & Guilds level 3 Education and training.

To practice as a Complementary therapist Helen has trained in Usui lineage of Reiki to Master trainer level, Anatomy and Physiology, Chakra energy balancing, HEARTS relaxation technique (developed at Christie cancer hospital), Body massage,  Aromatherapy to Level 3, and is now currently exploring working with crystals.

Helen is registered with the UK Reiki Federation, the Federation of Holistic Therapists for Mindfulness coaching, Relaxation therapy, Aromatherapy, and Reiki, and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare council for Reiki, Aromatherapy and Massage.

From 2016 to 2018 Helen has been employed as Complementary Therapy co-ordinator for St Johns Hospice in Lancaster, specialising in Complementary therapies and relaxation and well-being programmes for palliative care patients and carers within the Hospice and wider community, also working alongside Bereavement support, and offering Mindfulness programmes to support hospice staff and volunteers.

Helen trained with Breathworks – having completed their Mindfulness for Health course (supporting people with stress, pain and illness), and Mindful Movement training, completing advanced Teacher Training programme to become an accredited Breathworks trainer.

Helen has been a practicing member of the British Wheel of Yoga, having studied at foundation level and at student teacher level with Dru Yoga, to support her teaching of Mindful movement.

Helen is a teacher member of the Mindfulness Association, having completed their foundation and Compassion training, teaching skills and their Mindfulness based living course teaching retreat to become an MBLC Tutor, being able to offer their full 8 week courses to groups throughout the area, and on a one to one basis.  Relax and Just be has been  involved in the MA’s national Everyone Project offering funded Mindfulness courses for local causes which has supported Hospice staff and Unity addiction recovery programmes.

When not working with Relax and just be activities Helen enjoys being with family and fellow meditation practitioners, reading, walking, cooking, gardening, and travelling.

Look What Others Are Saying:


Lesley Gill, Director, Dignity in Dementia

Helen has worked very successfully with Dignity in Dementia for the past year in order to deliver the relaxation element to our programmes. She is highly respected by us and our clients who feedback that they greatly value her contribution. – One client reported “When we got to the last 20 minutes of “mindfulness” I found it incredibly difficult at first to follow and relax, by the end I began to feel able to join in properly, and driving home afterwards I realised I was actually feeling quite different. This has still been a difficult week but I really think I have been more calm and relaxed.
So thank you very much, after only one session!”


Cath Turner, Clinic Founder, Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Ltd

I personally recognise there is a great need for this…. A lot of us, including myself, have lost the ability to ‘just be’, we are so highly tuned that we have lost the ability to unwind and relax our minds and bodies. A lot of the ailments presented to myself as a physiotherapist are physical/outward manifestations of the stressed body we have become locked in.  The stress response activates the sympathetic nervous system which effects heart rate, breathing, sweating, digestive system to name a few. I believe we seriously need to learn how to apply simple tools to unwind and relax in order to break this negative cycle.

Helen has already taught me some simple but powerful tools….. I am hungry for more!!!

I sincerely hope you too can reap the benefits of what Helen has to offer.

Feedback from  Unity Participants …..

“At my Grandmas’ funeral where alcohol was prominent, I took myself off to sit in peace and breathe as taught”

” I have used the techniques to help me stop smoking, they helped me calm my mind and relax so thank you very much “

” Really helpful to help with anxious thoughts and to help calm down, be in the moment. Useful to help with relaxation and sleep. Reduce worrying about the future, kind to self and others.”

” I felt calm, also learned to notice when I was feeling tense and then to relax “